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ingredients of Le Breakfast Shepard's Pie

  1. also of Veggies.
  2. add of Pickled jalapeno or fresh.
  3. This of bell pepper.
  4. give of Red onion.
  5. also of Some garlic diced.
  6. add of Other stuff.
  7. Prepare of Ground sausage (breakfast sausage).
  8. then of Grits.
  9. then of Milk.
  10. then of Sour cream.
  11. Prepare of Water.
  12. use of Some eggs.
  13. You need of Several Cheeses.
  14. give of Butter.

Le Breakfast Shepard's Pie compound

  1. Stovetop or instant grits. Doesn't matter. Cook in 2:1 milk to water. Add sour cream after cooked. Salt. Pepper. Extra milk if needy. Going for a creamy consistency..
  2. Saute sausage. Season with salt pepper and classic Italian seasonings. Put to the side..
  3. Saute and season vegetables with paprika salt pepper dash cayenne if u like. Add meat. Stir and combine..
  4. Mix eggs in bowl. Cook low but not to completion. Looking for a soupy consistency..
  5. Butter up bread pan. Oven on 350..
  6. Add sausage and veggie mix to bottom of pan. Layer with a cheese of choice(I used pepper jack)..
  7. Then pour in egg mix carefully pour to cover the area. Then layer on grits. Then sprinkle more cheese(I used red Lancaster and gruyere on top). Cracked pepper..
  8. Cook in oven for a while. Varies with density. Looking to lightly brown the edges..
  9. Enjoy after it rests..