Recipe: Delicious Dave's Pot Roast and NoodlesInstructions

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procedure of Dave's Pot Roast and Noodles

  1. then 1 packet of pot roast seasoning.
  2. You need 1 can of diet cola.
  3. You need 1 can of beef broth.
  4. This 2 cans of cream of mushroom soup.
  5. give 1 (2 lb) of roast.
  6. add 2 lb of whole carrots (sliced).
  7. a little 1.5 lb of red potatoes (quartered vertically and sliced).
  8. also 1 (16 oz) of bag klusky egg noodles.
  9. This to taste of Frank's Red Hot.
  10. give to taste of salt.
  11. give to taste of pepper.
  12. You need to taste of Jane's Krazy Mixed-Up Pepper.

Dave's Pot Roast and Noodles instructions

  1. Place pot roast seasoning, diet cola, beef broth and cream of mushroom soup into crock pot and stir..
  2. Place roast into crock pot..
  3. Cover with carrots and potatoes..
  4. Add salt, pepper, Jane's and Frank's to top of potatoes..
  5. Run on low heat overnight..
  6. If meat breaks up nicely when stirred, switch heat setting to keep warm..
  7. Cook noodles separately, drain and add them to crock pot. Let them sit for 10-15 in crock pot in order to soak up some broth..
  8. Serve and enjoy!.