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Bargain Matka kulfi promo. Its surprising how a simple clay pot changes the taste and aroma of your kulfi. Matka kulfi recipe - Kulfi icecream set in earthen clay pots called as matka kulfi or pot kulfi. I have tried different kulfi recipes and this summer wanted to try this matka kulfi.

Matka kulfi How to make Matka Kulfi-Rich dense kulfi served traditionally in an earthenware pot. This matka kulfi recipe is inspired from jigg kalra's book - classic cooking of Punjab, where cream along with eggs have been added to rabri. Being a vegetarian I have not used eggs. You produce stewing decoct Matka kulfi testing 2 technique and 5 than. Here is how you bring about.

process of Matka kulfi

  1. also 1.5 lb of whole milk.
  2. a little 1 can of small condensed milk.

Matka kulfi is famous cool dessert of Pakistan. Matka Kulfi is the best kulfi among all Pakistani and Indian kulfi recipes. It is an easy-to-make, cool and refreshing cool snack to enjoy in hot afternoons in. Make matka kulfi and it will be gone in seconds.

Matka kulfi little by little

  1. Just keep stir the whole milk until It becomes proper golden thick mixture.
  2. Now add condensed milk and again keep stir until it again becomes thick properly dark golden mixture.
  3. Add nuts is optional.most important if you don't have condensed milk try to prefer adding jaggery and dont over cook after adding jaggery just mix and if you don't have jaggery too then add brown sugar caramel or dark chocolate.
  4. Transfer it into small tiny cups.enjoy after freezing.
  5. Stay safe stay healthy.

Ice creams have some magic in them. The matka kulfi mix is ready. Freeze them in tiny mud pots or if you don't have them, go for cups or ramekins. Matka Kulfi - Short Recipe in Urdu and English. At Masala TV you can check complete Matka Kulfi Recipe in Urdu and English.