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Buy Beef Pot Roast In Slow Cooker promo code. Slow Cooker Pot Roast in a garlic balsamic sauce perfect for an easy weekday or weekend dinner,. SLOW COOK using whichever method you like! The amazing bonus is the rich gravy that get cooked right in the pot to drizzle all over your beef roast!

Beef Pot Roast In Slow Cooker I followed the recipe almost exactly, except I seared all sides of the seasoned round roast in a hot frying pan because that's the only beef I had. A pot roast that can cook all day long in your crockpot so all that's left to do is picking up that bottle of wine to serve. The pot roast comes out unbelievably fall-apart tender in the slow cooker with the most perfect gravy that you can make from the cooking juices. You bring about brewing boil Beef Pot Roast In Slow Cooker proving 8 receipt also 5 and. Here is how you take care of.

receipt of Beef Pot Roast In Slow Cooker

  1. also 1 of Beef pot roast (marinated in salt and pepper, crushed garlic).
  2. a little 3 of Celery sticks cut in chunks.
  3. a little 3 large of carrots cut in chunks (or handful of small baby carrots).
  4. use 2 tbsp of Diana sauce.
  5. You need 2 tbsp of Worcestershire sauce.
  6. use 1 cup of Mushroom soup (left over or can).
  7. give 1 cup of Water.
  8. add 1 of Onion cut.

Not to mention, all the tender potatoes. Pot Roast - fall apart beef, tender flavour infused vegetables and potatoes smothered in a rich gravy. It's mouthwateringly good, yet simple to make, especially if you use a slow cooker. If you love meltingly tender, slow cooked roast beef and deeply flavoured gravy, this pot roast recipe is for you!

Beef Pot Roast In Slow Cooker compound

  1. Fry pot roast on all sides until browned in slow cooker (if you don't have a sauté option fry on pan).
  2. Add can of mushroom soup and water into the slow cooker and mix until no chunks present..
  3. Add pot roast back into the slow cooker. Add carrots, celery and onions. Add Worcestershire sauce and Diana sauce over the roast..
  4. Cover and cook on high for 6-8hrs until tender.
  5. Serve over noodles or with roasted potatoes. Nush!.

Impossibly tender beef pot roast with carrots, mushrooms and onions. It's easy in the slow cooker. The key is searing the meat first. Pour onion and mushroom mixture over the top of the roast. I hope you enjoy this How to Make Beef Pot Roast in a Slow Cooker video!