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Bonus Paneer rolls in gravy # father special. In this paneer roll recipe, the stuffing is of paneer tikka which is made on tawa. Wrap half portion of the rolls in butter paper or aluminium foil. Paneer rolls today and i think am paneer overloaded,but i have clean my drafts and one more recipe to come with paneer,so stay tuned.

Paneer rolls in gravy 
# father Deep fried masaledar paneer balls served with flavourful spinach gravy.- is a very tasty dish to relish, and it gets much better with Palak gravy. When serve this curry remove the tooth picks. Paneer Spring Rolls Recipe In English. ★ In maida add salt, water. You fix grilling brew Paneer rolls in gravy # father proving 18 method and 7 steps. Here is how you fulfill.

compound of Paneer rolls in gravy # father

  1. give gms of Paneer-250.
  2. a little cup of Boiled peas-1 /2.
  3. This of Maida-2-3 Tb spoons.
  4. also to taste of Salt -.
  5. add tsp of Black pepper-1/2.
  6. then tsp of Red chilli pd-1.
  7. Prepare tsp of Coriander pd -2.
  8. use tsp of Garam masala-1.
  9. This tsp of Jeera pd-1/2.
  10. use tsp of Chaat masala-1.
  11. use tsp of Turmeric pd-1/2.
  12. This of For gravy.
  13. use of Cashew nuts-10-15.
  14. give of Onions-3-4.
  15. a little of Tomatoes-2-3.
  16. Prepare of Garlic cloves-6-8.
  17. add of Ginger-1/2 inch piece.
  18. then spoons of Oil-3-4.

Make soft dough, cover it and keep it aside. Take a dough ball and roll into a very thin puri. Also Known as Cottage cheese, chenna. Description A vegetarian delight, paneer also known as cottage cheese is a soft, white, crumbly cheese which is used widely in continental, oriental and Indian cuisines.

Paneer rolls in gravy # father receipt

  1. Take the paneer and churn in mixer for 1-2 minutes. Take out and add maida,salt and pepper mix well..
  2. Take the boiled peas n mash it or grind in mixer for one minute.Add a bit of salt, red chilli pd, jeera pd, chaat masala.keep aside..
  3. Peel the onions n roughly chop length wise, roughly chop tomatoes..
  4. Heat oil in a pan, add onions n cook till golden brown, add cashews ginger garlic n further cook for few minutes. Add chopped tomatoes n mix well, add half glass water n cover n cook for 3-4 minutes. Remove from fire n let cool, add one tablespoon full of cream or malai, blend in the mixer then pour back in a pan..
  5. Now the paneer rolls stuffing part divide the paneer dough into two portions, oil the chopping board and roll the dough into chapati or circular shape. Spread the gravy on it and then the mashed peas on it, cut it into strips n roll it..
  6. Shallow fry all the rolls on both sides..
  7. Pour hot gravy in a flat plate or platter, pot the rolls on top. Serve hot with rice, naan or chapati..

It's simple, fresh versatile flavour makes it a delicious addition to any recipe. Paneer roll recipe with step by step photos. Paneer roll- crispy, addictive and tasty snack made with paneer, bread and few more ingredients, that comes To make paneer roll recipe at home you need very few basic ingredients that you probably have in hand. These rolls are so tasty and flavorful, they.. PANEER KATHI ROLL, paneer tikka kathi rolls, frankies, kathi rolls, indian popular street foods, healthy and tasty dish, evening snacks, kids friendly recipes Today, I am sharing a popular Mumbai street food, Paneer Kathi Roll or wraps.