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Avoid Garlic paneer with lachha paratha coupon. up making variety of lachha paratha as it is easier compared to the vegetable-based paratha. basically, there is an extra step of preparing and mashing the boiled vegetables. chilli garlic lachha paratha is one such easy and more frequently made paratha in our house. it contains all the required. Lachha paratha is an easy paratha to make. I usually make the lachha parathas using this Serve the lachha parathas hot with any vegetable curry like aloo matar, veg kadai, veg handi or with paneer curry recipes like paneer butter.

Garlic paneer with lachha paratha Lachha paratha recipe - a popular layered paratha recipe from north Indian often also known as lachedar paratha or paratwala paratha. This lachha paratha recipe is quite different from other stuffed paratha recipes like aloo paratha, gobi paratha, paneer paratha both in the way of making. Paneer Paratha is a popular whole wheat Indian flatbread. You bring about broiling grill Garlic paneer with lachha paratha employing 18 prescription together with 5 together with. Here you go do one proud.

program of Garlic paneer with lachha paratha

  1. then 250 gms of paneer cubed.
  2. also 6-7 of Garlic clove.
  3. also 2 of dried red chillies.
  4. a little 1 tsp of sugar.
  5. use 1 tsp of cumin seeds.
  6. add 1 tsp of vinegar.
  7. You need 1 of small size onion chopped.
  8. This 1 tsp of soya sauce.
  9. This 1 tsp of turmeric powder.
  10. a little leaves of Some chopped coriander.
  11. add of Salt adjust as per taste.
  12. You need 2-3 tbsp of water.
  13. add of For lachha paratha.
  14. also 2 cups of wheat flour for 6 parathas.
  15. You need 1 tsp of oil.
  16. Prepare 1 tsp of salt.
  17. Prepare of Water for kneading.
  18. give 1/2 cup of Ghee to apply on parathas.

It's filled with crumbled paneer (Indian cottage cheese) and makes a filling breakfast or Enjoy paneer paratha with a cup of chai! If you've tried this Paneer Paratha Recipe then don't forget to rate the recipe! You can also follow me on. Lachha paratha is a popular North Indian flat-bread.

Garlic paneer with lachha paratha method

  1. Firstly grind together garlic cloves,red chilli,sugar,salt and add water and grind it coarsely.Next heat a pan add oil and add cumin seeds to it let it splutter and then add chopped onions and fry till translucent..
  2. Next add the ground paste made,turmeric,soya sauce and mix well and then add chopped tomatoes fry till it becomes soft.Next add cubed paneer and coat it well in masala and keep for 5 minutes to cook and garlic paneer is ready..
  3. Next in a bowl add wheat flour here you can use all purpose flour also I used wheat flour knead soft dough by adding 1 tsp salt,1 tsp oil,and water.Next make parts of dough and roll round spread ghee with the help of brush all over the start folding from Inside now roll again and lock and tab..
  4. Spread some flour and roll it round again you will find layers and then roast on tawa like roti by spreading ghee on both sides you will find all layers when it is done..
  5. Serve hot garlic paneer with lachha paratha delicious..

Pin it to your DINNER BOARD to SAVE IT for later! In a bowl, add atta and salt and mix well to combine. Add a tbsp of oil or ghee and rub into the dough. Lachha Paneer Paratha recipe - How to make Lachha Paneer Paratha. Heat a non-stick tava (griddle) and cook the paratha, using a little oil, till it turns golden brown in colour from both the sides.