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Dependable Голубцы - Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls promo code. This recipe for Stuffed Vegan Cabbage Rolls was by reader request. Hundreds of you asked for it, so here is my version. Not even close, but. russian cabbage rolls recipe, pork cabbage rolls These delicate and savory cabbage rolls are filled with rice, onion and pork and are worth every moment spent on making them!

Голубцы - Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls Truly delicious recipe for these cabbage rolls (golubtsi or golubtsy). These stuffed cabbage rolls are the best I've tried! Then check out these flavorful cabbage rolls packed with zucchini and rice - a delicious meal! You operate sizzling warm up Голубцы - Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls testing 16 procedure as a consequence 16 along with. Here you are do a bang-up job.

ingredients of Голубцы - Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls

  1. You need 2 cup of Cooked Rice.
  2. also 1 of Small Cabbage.
  3. give 1 of 8oz pack Mushrooms.
  4. then 1/2 of Eggplant (or 1 small one).
  5. also 1 of Large Onion.
  6. This 2 of Carrots.
  7. also 1 cup of Ricotta Cheese.
  8. then 1/2 cup of Shredded Cheese.
  9. give of Salt / Pepper.
  10. give 3 of Little Allspice Balls.
  11. give 2 of Bay Leaf.
  12. give of Tomato Sauce.
  13. This 1 of 6oz Tomato Paste.
  14. This 2 cup of Milk.
  15. add 1/2 cup of Ricotta Cheese.
  16. You need 1 of Salt and Sugar to Taste.

No hot spices which is a nice change from so many vegetarian recipes. An easy Russian cabbage rolls recipe that is healthy and super freezer friendly. Perfect for those nights when a quick and healthy dinner is needed! When I introduce this cabbage roll recipe to friends and clients, they instantly back away because they become intimidated at its complexity.

Голубцы - Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls method

  1. Prepare the rice and set to cool 🍚.
  2. Remove the core from the cabbage and set to boil.
  3. As it boils remove the leaves one by one with 2 forks (Try not to rip them and be CAREFUL the water will be HOT 👉🔥💦).
  4. Mince onion and use a little oil on skillet and fry it up till it's clear (mix constantly on high heat) Set aside to cool.
  5. Use the cheese grater on the carrots, use some oil and fry it up (mix constantly on high heat) Tip add a little butter to make it amazing 😆 set aside to cool.
  6. Mince the eggplant and mushrooms put in large bowl.
  7. Add Ricotta, shredded cheese, onion, rice, and 80% of the carrots in the bowl with the mushrooms and eggplant. Salt and Pepper it up. Mix it good now 😋.
  8. Remove the bulging part of the steam off the cabbage leaves. Make sure not to make holes in the leaves..
  9. Prepare a pot to put the cabbage rolls in. Add the small little center leaves from the cabbage and step pieces (that you cut of the leaves) on the bottom of the pot and add half a cup of water. (this will keep your cabbage rolls from burning on the bottom).
  10. Stuff the cabbage leaves with the stuffing and roll it up. Envelope style 💌.
  11. Place the cabbage rolls in pot.
  12. Make the tomato sauce. Mix all the tomato sauce ingredients. Salt and add a little sugar 😘.
  13. Pour the tomato sauce over the cabbage rolls.
  14. Add the leftover carrots, allspice, and bay leaves on top 🍃.
  15. Cover with lid, set on high heat till starts boiling. Lower the heat to low to medium and let cook for 40min.
  16. Now wash the dishes and clean up. When the cabbage rolls are done take off the stove. Pile them on your plate, add sour cream 💕... or mayo and eat up 😄.

Grease a roasting pan and place cabbage rolls seam side down in pan, packing them tightly together. Pour enough juice or stock over the top to cover them. Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls Image by: Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls Author: Canadian Living. Arrange cabbage rolls on top; cover with remaining sauerkraut. Whisk tomato paste into tomato juice; pour over rolls.