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Buy Lebanese Vegetarian Eggplant Moussaka review. Lebanese Moussaka / Maghmour, a vegan stew packed with the lovely Mediterranean flavors, talk about a velvety eggplant stew studded with onions, garlic, olive oil, tossed with dried mint, and stewed with tomatoes! I guess that's the reason why the post is one of the most popular recipes on my […] Maghmour is Lebanon's Moussaka. The very word "moussaka" is not Greek in origin, but rather Arabic.

Lebanese Vegetarian Eggplant Moussaka Add the onion and garlic and chickpeas and saute until softened. The better-known Greek dish Moussaka is made with spiced ground lamb, eggplant, tomato and crust topped with a creamy Bechamel sauce. However, in the Arab Mediterranean, Moussaka is prepared as shown in this recipe. You work sizzling blanch Lebanese Vegetarian Eggplant Moussaka accepting 9 instructions moreover 4 including. Here you go attain.

compound of Lebanese Vegetarian Eggplant Moussaka

  1. use 3 of large eggplants, peeled and cut into long thick slices.
  2. then 1 cup of canned chickpeas.
  3. add 4 of large tomatoes, peeled and cut into slices.
  4. This 2 of large onions, cut into thin slices.
  5. then 1 tablespoon of tomato paste, dissolved in 1 cup water.
  6. give 6 cloves of garlic, chopped.
  7. a little 2 tablespoons of olive oil.
  8. also 1 cup of vegetable oil for frying.
  9. also 1 teaspoon of salt.

Since we're serving a Western audience, we'll differentiate the dishes by calling this version Lebanese Moussaka (aka Maghmour). Moussaka is a wonderful dish for eggplant lovers, nevertheless, and this recipe introduces mom's version of it. Traditionally called maghmour across Lebanon, this Middle Eastern dish uses exotic spices for its home-grown version of the Greek moussaka you may already know. Bursting with chickpeas, tomatoes, avocado oil, eggplant, and more, this hearty, healthy dish can easily become an easy yet flavorful dish any night of the week.

Lebanese Vegetarian Eggplant Moussaka process

  1. In a deep frying pan, heat the vegetable oil and fry the eggplant slices until they turn golden. Remove and place on a kitchen absorbent paper..
  2. In a cooking pot, heat the olive oil and fry the onion slices until they turn golden and soft..
  3. Add the fried eggplants, chickpeas, tomato slices, chopped garlic, tomato paste and salt. Cover the pot and leave it to cook on medium heat for 15 min or until the sauce thickens. Remove from heat and let it cool. Adjust salt to taste..
  4. Best served cold..

Other regional Moussaka variations The healthy eggplant Moussaka is a popular meal across the Levant, Balkan and the Mediterranean. Eggplant moussaka is a hearty, delicious and unique dish that that's great for a family! I love that the recipe uses very staple ingredients, but the flavorful is very unique! Moussaka is Middle Eastern recipe that's made with layers of eggplant, potatoes and ground meat. There are many variations of the recipe all over the Middle East, but the Greek Moussaka.