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Dependable Candy cane popcorn overstock. Popcorn mixed with white candy coating and crushed peppermint candy canes makes a quick, simple treat that's a little different for the cookie tray. Package it up in a pretty cellophane bag for a sweet gift. Festive candy cane popcorn covered in a buttery marshmallow coating.

Candy cane popcorn This Candy Cane Popcorn is simple and extremely addicting. This Candy Cane Popcorn is all three. I know it sounds simple but these three ingredients come together to create magic. You discharge grilling poach Candy cane popcorn applying 1 ingredients moreover 2 steps. Here is how you hit.

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Candy cane popcorn is an easy Christmas candy recipe! Popcorn is coated in white chocolate and crushed candy canes for a sweet, minty treat that's a perfect party food or edible gift idea. I got a few bags of these when I was visiting Hershey a few weeks The kisses have these little crunchy bits in them that are so yummy! They also make the popcorn pretty!

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  1. Touch the picture and it will get bigger, to see all of it. Super easy.
  2. Notes- put in refrigerator to set up 5 mins or so, who has time for 30 mins to let it set up, not when there’s movies to watch.... good for bake sales easy and cheap and can make a lot of it in no time. These are bagged up for a school bake sale fundraiser..

When I was a little girl, my mother and I made these popcorn balls for family and friends at Christmas. If you love popcorn and gum drops you are going to love this receipe! Check out our easy to follow Candy Cane Popcorn recipe including ingredients, tools and step-by-step instructions. Put candy canes into a food processor. Melt dipping wafers following the package instructions.