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Big Methi dosa coupon code. is methi dosa recipe with loads of bitter and savoury taste. finally, i request you to check my other dosa recipes collection with this post of methi dosa recipe. it mainly includes recipes collection like. Methi dosa is a unique breakfast which has no lentils at all. Only with rice and fenugreek, very soft and porous textured dosa can be prepared with ease. vendhaya dosa recipe with stepwise pics. light & soft methi dosas made with fermented dosa batter. serve vendhaya dosa with any spicy chutney.

Methi dosa Methi dosa is a home remedy to relieve you of the stomach pains and digestive complaints. The fenugreek seeds or methi daana are ground and added to the batter which is then spread into dosas. So today i'll share a very healthy recipe of " Menthya Dosa / Fenugreek seeds Dosa " , apt for As the name suggests , methi seeds are the star ingredients of this dosa,making them taste fabulous with a. You create steaming brown Methi dosa using 6 receipt along with 3 also. Here is how you carry out.

receipt of Methi dosa

  1. a little 3 tbsp of methi seeds/Fenugreek seeds.
  2. You need 4 cups of dosa rice/idli rice.
  3. This 2 cups of urrad dal.
  4. Prepare 2 cups of thick poha/puffed rice.
  5. also of Salt.
  6. add 2 tsp of Sugar.

Menthya dosa is nothing but methi seeds dosa. Menthe dose is prepared using rice and fenugreek seeds. This is a very easy and comforting dosa recipe. Here is the delicious recipe for methi dosa.

Methi dosa separately

  1. Soak methi seeds + dosa rice + urrad dal + poha in water for 7 hours..
  2. Blend it smooth and place it in a warm place and leave it for 8 hours. The batter will rise up..
  3. Now add salt + sugar + little water to get a medium thickness batter. Now pour it in a dosa pan and roast on both the sides. Serve it with chutney..

Methi leaves dosa- perfect blending of sweet, spice and tanginess with the flavor of cumin and coriander seeds is just too appetizing Methi Leaves Dosa Recipe. Flag for inappropriate content. saveSave Methi Dosa For Later. U can have this dosa with coconut milk or milk mixed with jaggery syrup. Batter will be fluffy becomes smooth. Rava Dosa with unique flavors of methi tastes amazingly delicious and makes it a must try breakfast recipe.