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Bonus Soya cutlets overstock. i make these soya chunks cutlets quite often. i do not like the soya curry much, so these soya cutlets are very good alternative for protein. first you just need to cook the potatoes and soak the soya. Soya burger recipe with soya cutlets or patties. These burgers have a crisp pan fried patty or cutlet made with soya granules or textured vegetable protein, veggies, spices and herbs.

Soya cutlets Soya cutlet is a mixed veggie patty made with fine soya granules, deep fried to golden. Soya chunks / regular meal maker also works, choose whichever is available. Wash it well atleast twice to get rid of the soya raw smell. You work grilling sauté Soya cutlets applying 13 program as well as 5 moreover. Here is how you gain.

receipt of Soya cutlets

  1. give 250 gms of soya chunks.
  2. This 3 of medium boiled potato.
  3. a little of Carrots, cabbage, onion 1 each grated7.
  4. add of Green chilly, garlic,ginger paste 2to3 tspoons.
  5. a little of Red chilly powder 1 tspoon.
  6. give of Pavbhaji masala 1 tspoon.
  7. You need of Salt.
  8. give of Lemon juicer.
  9. Prepare 1 table spoon of beasn.
  10. a little 1 tablespoon of cornflour.
  11. use of Oil.
  12. You need of Pudina chutney.
  13. use of Dahi.

Soya cutlet is an innovative tikki or cutlet recipe with soya nuggets or granules as fillings. Share your soybean recipe, cutlet recipe, tikki recipe online. Then this soya chunks is a perfect recipe for you. This has soya chunks and potato as the main ingredient.

Soya cutlets modus operandi

  1. Soak soya chunks in hot water for 15 mins.take out and grind.
  2. Add boiled potato,grated carrots,cabbage,onion mix.
  3. Add red chilly powder,ginger garlic paste, pavbhaji masala.(saute ginger garlic and chilly paste in oil then it won't affect kids).
  4. Add salt and lemon juice, besan,corn flour mix well.
  5. Give cutlet shape, make slurry of corn flour.dip cutlets and deep fry.serve hot with pudina chutney and dahi.super healthy and super can shallow fry it..

I have given both the option of pan fried and deep fried method of soya chunks cutlet. I use soya chunks more than anything in my cooking. Snack time - want something chatpata to go with your steaming hot Indian tea? Soy chunks are rich in protein and is vegetarian. Home/Quick Recipes/soya chunks cutlet recipe cutlet with soya. soya chunks cutlet recipe cutlet with soya.